Ultra Sheen Creme Satin Press

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 Chemical free, natural hair straightening - Ultra Sheen Crème Satin Pres is highly concentrated and enriched with Lanolin to protect your hair from flat irons, hot combs, and curling irons. Less heat is needed because of the excellent heat conducting properties. Unlike silicone based products, Ultra Sheen Crème Satin Pres will add long-lasting sheen even in humid conditions. Your hair stays smoother longer between shampoos.

Description: Helps press last longer with less heat required. Makes combing easier.

Direction: 1. Shampoo thoroughly with Ultra Sheen Creme Shampoo, towel blot 2. Begin applying Creme Satin Pres to hair near scalp 3. Brush hair well from scalp through ends for even distribution 4. Dry hair thoroughly 5. Press, curl, or set hair for any style you desire