Awesome Holds Style and Adds Bounce To Curls Setting Lotion



Awesome Classic Care products are precisely developed to control and maintain balance, and with use of its system in proper steps will boost & catalyze all the benefit, because each product is created carefully to work in a synergistic way with each other. Awesome Classic Care is excellent for Remy Hair Wigs, Weaves and your own natural hair or client's hair! Now that's AWESOME!  Shop more Awesome products.
The Kit Includes ALL Awesome Hair Care Products! A MUST have for protecting your investment in your Remy Wigs & Weaves as well as your own hair!

Shampoo 8 oz
Conditioner 8 oz
Oil Moisturizing Lotion - 6 oz
Refreshing Treatment - 6 oz
Leave In Conditioner - 6 oz
Silk Serum - 3.5 oz
Setting Lotion - 5 oz
Holding Spritz - 5 oz
Slick Chick Stick - 1 oz
Scalp Care System - 4 oz each