BBS RSVP Indian Virgin Remi Weaving


First Class Exclusive Organic 100 percent human hair

R.S.V.P. uses only the highest quality organic weaving thread, which reduces the skin's reaction. You get the benefit of having a long lasting hair that won't damage your own hair. The final step in processing R.S.V.P involves making a protective layer that is produced with Organic Leaves Extract, which contains a high volume of antioxidants. It helps keep your hair and cuticles youthful. Younger healthier looking hair means a younger healthier looking you.

By using only pure water throughout the manufacturing process, we create a product that will remain strong, healthy, and tangle free while maintaining its natural luster and silkiness, even after multiple washings. Because of advances in organic bioengineering, excess chemical are no longer needed to manufacture the product, which helps preserve the hair's natural protein and moisture balance, helping protect the natural integrity of the cuticles.