Black Diamond Human Hair Weaving Somalian Wave


Black Diamond 100% Human Hair Weaving Somalian Wave. We believe hair quality begins with raw materials and step-by-step quality control.  Black Diamond is made from healthy and youthful hair, which goes through extensive processing methods to ensure exceptional quality.  since cuticles are the main reason hair tangles, our exclusive methods ensure all hair cuticles are removed while the original, raw hair is aligned in the same direction.  Because of our endless efforts to ensure the best product for you, Black Diamond will always deliver:  Superior quality, full body, natural luster and long life.

Black Diamond is the named trusted by top salon professionals. We use the best raw materials to give you the best quality 100% human hair. We are proud of the newest addition to our product line. And we assure you that Black Diamond is your only choice for elite 100% human hair second to none.

  • Black Diamond Somalian Hair Extension by Bohyme Hair
  • This natural, tight curl is for the girl on the go
  • Black Diamond Somalian curl has beautiful, soft curls, easy to manage