Black N Sassy Foamy Set Setting Lotion


Black N Sassy Foamy Set Firm Hold Foamy Setting Lotion Ultra Conditioning & Moisturizing Formula Delivers Extra Body, Movement and Shine! Without the Itch or Flakes!
The unique foaming action absorbs into the hair shaft quickly and creates longer lasting hold without itching or flaking. At the same time, BLACK N SASSY FOAMY SET conditions, moisturizes and adds shine to the hair. You have never tried anything like it before and we are sure you will be amazed!

Directions: Shake bottle before using. Pour a medium amount of BLACK N SASSY FOAMY SET SETTING LOTION into your hands. Rub hands together to create a rich foam. Work through wet hair. The more you use, the firmer the hold. Style as desired and let hair dry naturally or with heat for an even stronger, more beautiful finish.