Bobbi Boss Genesis First Class Remi Human Hair Weaving Cascade Wave


Bobbi Boss Genesis First Class Remi Human Hair Weaving Cascade Wave

A pretty wave for all types of occassion

Perfect Balanced by Nature

- Natural, Moisture Texture

- Resilient, Elastic & Strong

-Raw, Healthy Cuticles

-Wholly Fortified Cortex

-Long Lasting after Washes

Why Luxury?

GENESIS First Class Remi originates from pure human hair in its healthiest state. Only the best hair is chosen and handled with care to preserve its quality.

Why The Perfect Balance?

Great hair comes from achieving the optimal balance of essential elements like protein, moisture and PH balance combined to a perfect harmony.

Why the Science at the Core of the Beauty?

Great hair has a strong keratin structure.

Genesis First Class Remi is handled by the expert’s touch reaching deep into the interior of the hair. GENESIS First Class Remi is pampered with a special deep treatment to strengthen and preserved keratin bonds. Keratin makes up of 90% of hair and strong bonds holding the keratin together become the basis for strong, lasting hair.

Why lasting Satisfaction and Quality?

All the extraordinary qualities of hair you can find in GENESIS First Class Remi which could make you feel satisfied. If you are satisfied, it will make you feel naturally beautiful and lift your spirit. So, why wait….Indulge yourself and enjoy the satisfaction and the lasting quality of GENESIS First Class Remi.