Bobbi Boss Lace Front Synthetic Wig MLF14 Pearl


Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig MLF14 Pearl

 FEATURE:  Futura

CAP SIZE: May vary slightly by brand

AVERAGE: Circumference 21.5"

                   Ear to ear 13.5"

                   Front to back 14.25"





As the leaders of most prestigious wig makers, experts at BOBBI BOSS have created another line of masterpiece to delight the senses of our valued customers.

Lace Front Premium Fiber Wig has been created for the customers with exceptional taste in premium class products. Our lace patch is most delicately crafted with precision of the expert hands, and each of our premium wig is made of the highest quality fiber.

-Larger Lace Patch: Ear to Ear Coverage
-Stays In Place During Windy Moments
-Perfect For Thin Edger Hair
-Most Natural Hair Line, Just Like Your Own
-Great Ventilation & Comfortable Wear
-Heat-Styling Available on Selected styles: Green & Yellow

Use Instruction
- If you use tape: Must use "remove solution" to remove tape from your skin & from the wig. Be extremely cautious not to pull hair when removing the tape from lace area.
-If you used glue: Must use "remove solution" to remove all the glue residue before shampooing.
-If you used without tape or glue:
     Put wig on, adjusting the lace forehead line to align with your own hairline.
     Let the lace out and cut off the extra lace patch.
     Secure the comb at the nape area first, and adjust the fitting to your head shape.
     Hold the top by gently pressing in, and start securing the combs on the sides.
     Make final style touch to create more natural look


1.       Swish gently with mild shampoo in cold or lukewarm water.

2.       Rinse thoroughly then lightly squeeze hair in cold water, making sure not to rub hair.

3.       After towel blot, shake out and drip dry. Do not comb when wet.

4.       After the hair is completely dry, comb into desired style using a wide-tooth comb or finger styling only.

5.       Starting at the bottom, gently comb the hair using a downward motion, using a wide-tooth comb or finger styling, gradually moving up until you have combed all the hair. Never begin combing at the top or middle. It will damage and tangle the hair.

6.       Gently de-tangle hair with a wide tooth comb every morning and night.

7.       For curling set your iron between 356 degrees- 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not go above 392 degrees Fahrenheit, anything higher increases the chance of damaging the hair.

8.       Long hair products should be braided in a few sections for sleeping or swimming to prevent tangling of the hair.

9.       Don’t sleep on wet hair, it will matt and tangle up.

10.   Don’t spray or put heavy pomade on synthetic hair products. This will dull and matt the hair.


For the Wig products: When not in use, use a mannequin head or wig stand to keep form and shape and decrease tangling and matting.


NEW FUTURA CURLING INSTRUCTIONS: (Curl or flat iron into your favorite style)

1.       For curling set your iron between 356 degrees- 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not go above 392 degrees Fahrenheit, anything higher increases the chance of damaging the hair.

2.       Gather section of hair and comb it carefully from the bottom so that there are no tangles. Hair should be as smooth as possible for best results. ( if you begin combing at the middle or top, it will make the hair tangle)

3.       Curl hair as usual, curling each section for about 30 seconds.

4.       Release hair from curling iron. Hold curl in your hand for about 30 seconds until it sets.

5.       Repeat steps 2-4 with each section of hair until all hair is done. Style as desired.