Chi Deep Brilliance Sensitive Scalp No Lye Calcium Hydroxide Conditioning Relaxer



Chi Deep Brilliance Sensitive Scalp No Lye Calcium Hyrdoxide Relaxer:

  • For sensitive scalps
  • For fine/normal/tinted hair
  • Mild formula
  • Maximum scalp comfort
  • Contains Guanidine for less damage to the hair
  • The most innovative relaxers, which respect the integrity of the hair.
  • Relaxes hair from the inside, out

  • 7.7oz CHI Deep Brilliance No base Sodium Hydroxide Conditioning Relaxer
  • 2oz. CHI Deep Brilliance Balance Instant Neutralizing Shampoo.
  • 2oz. CHI Deep Brilliance Reconstruct Deep Protein Reconstructor
  • 2oz. CHI Deep Brilliance Soothe and Protect Hair and Scalp Protective Cream
  • .5oz. CHI Deep Brilliance Reflect Silk Reflection
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • Instructions

    1. always wear gloves
    2. failure to follow directions carefully could result in injury or damage to hair, skin, scalp or eyes. Avoid product contact with skin and eyes
    3. always perform a preliminary strand test.
    4. if the test shows breakage or other signs of damage, DO NOT use the product until the hair has been reconstructed and re-tested.
    5. DO NOT use on hair that has been treated with Ammonium Thioglycote. To do so might cause hair breakage.
    6. DO NOT USE if scalp is irritated, abraded or injured in any way.
    7. DO NOT use on bleached or damaged hair.
    8. DO NOT use on hair that has been colored with metallic dyes, coating colors, colors containing bees wax, or henna
    9. always follow all instructions