Elentee Retexturizer Dry Curl and Wave


For touch-ups, Elentee curls over another curl or over tinted hair

- Shampoo hair gently and rinse. Dry hair.

-Apply Retexturizer to New Growth only. Pre-soften New Growth under plastic cap for 15 minutes.

-Smooth New Growth area until it straightens. DO NOT overlap retexturizer into old grownth area.

-When the New Growth straightens, rinse Retexturizer from hair.

-Follow steps 5 through 8 from VIRGIN HAIR DIRECTIONS above.


-Shampoo hair Gently. Rinse and dry hair.

-Apply Retexturizer from roots to hair ends. Pre-soften hair first by putting patron under plastic cap for up to 10 minutes depending on hair texture.

-Comb Retexturizer through hair until hair is absolutely straight with no waves or wrinkles.

-When hair straightens, rinse Retexturizer completely from hair. Towel dry hair.

-Apply Elentee BOOSTER to entire hair, comb through for even distribution and proceed to wrap hair.

-After wrapping is complete,wait five (10) minutes and proceed to rinse hair throughly of all RETEXTURIZER.

-Proceed to neutralize by saturating each rod with Elentee Neutralizer.

-Leave on for five(5) minutes.Repeat. Rinse Neutralizer from rollers. Remove rollers.

-Apply Elentee activator,Elentee Moisturizer and/or Elentee Moisture Control.