IBD 5 Second Nail Repair Kit


BD 5 Second Nail Repair Kit
Repairs broken nails instantly
Strengthens natural nails and nail tips

CONTAINS: .07 oz. 2g - 5 Second Nail Glue, .14 oz. 4g - 5 Second Filler Powder, Disc-0 File


  • Apply a drop of 5 Second Nail Glue near the free edge of nail. Use applicator tip, smooth the drop of glue to coat the entire area.
  • Sprinkle a thin coat of 5 Second Filler Powder over the entire nail surface. The surface will appear frosted. Lightly tap the nail on covered tabletop to remove excess powder.
  • Reapply Nail Glue to the entire nail surface. (Repeat steps 2-3 for added strength).
  • Gently file the repair area with the Disc-0 File until smooth