Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme 2 oz.


Miss Jessies Baby Buttercreme 2 oz., Hath no fear BABY BUTTERCREME is here to rescue kids, mommies and daddies from knotty, dried out tangled kinks and curls. This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair. Shhhh........ On the hush, grownups looking for a softer scented alternative to Curly Buttercreme will love it too! ULTRA HYDRATING HAIRDRESS FOR DRY PARCHED KINKS AND CURLS. Instructions for use: Apply a nickel sized dollop to instantly soften dry, crunchy curls. Excellent for taming hairline edges, moisturizing pony puffs, two strand twists, coils, braids, cornrows, naturals. Great for: Kids, 2 Strand Twists, Pony Puffs, Braids, Hairline Grooming Creme, Short Naturals and Fades, Growing out Natural Hair. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CHEMICALLY ALTERING Use for maintenance on Curly Pudding, Curly Pudding Unscented, Curly Meringue and Stretch Silkening Crème

 Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme Features and Benefits:

  • First baby buttermilk to hydrate dry parched hair
  • Locks in moisture
  • Provides a lightweight coating
  • Great detangler for knots and kinks
  • Perfect for growing out natural curls, kinks, and waves
  • Adds superb shine
  • Fortifies and strengthens dull, lifeless curls
  • Softens and conditions, giving hair more elasticity and spring