Okay 100% Pure Almond Oil for Skin and Hair 30ml.


 For Skin: Almond Oil can improve the skins condition by replenishing and hydrating for a deep moisturized glow. This oil is easily absorbed and serves as an amazing emollient by soothing and softening the skin while creating a soft glow. Almond can balance and restore the moisture in the body. This natural moisturizer is the best therapy to revive dead skin.

For Hair: Pure Almond Oil thickens and nourishes damaged hair while providing  silky finished cuticle. Almond has many beneficial nutrients including protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins. This oil helps repair damaged hair and gives you deeper nourishment for dryness while providing shine. Hair will become stronger.

  • Natural Skin Moisturizer
  • Replenish and Hydrate
  • Skin for a deep Moisturized glow
  • Natural Hair Growth Serum
  • Nourishes and strengthens Hair Cuticle