Okay Pure Macademia Nut Oil for Skin and Hair 30 ml


Okay 100% Pure MACADEMIA NUT Oil for Skin and Hair 30ml.

For Skin: Macademia Oil is widely known for its benefits for radiant skin. The lightweight oil also known as the "vanishing oil" deeply penetrates and  is specially beneficial for dry and mature skin allowing to create a natural glow. It softens and moisturizes the skin and also helps in healing mild wounds while allowing the skin cells to rejuvenate.

For Hair: Pure Macademia Nut Oil is a unique lightweight oil which improves hair strength, quality, and manageability while controlling frizz. Restore health back to dull damaged hair, while providing softness, shine and shielding the hair from damage through its natural UV protection.

  • Natural Rejuvenator
  • Retain Moisture while providing naturally radiant skin
  • Strengthening Hair Repair
  • Strengthens and shines while softening thick Coarse hair