Organix Keratin Oil Conditioner


OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner is an anti-breakage conditioner designed to help strengthen your hair so it can grow longer. OGX Conditioner is made with rich keratin proteins that help to reinforce each strand of hair. OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner helps to increase the elasticity of your hair, making it easier to brush and style without breakage. This anti-breakage conditioner features argan plant oil that smooths and conditions your hair for a beautiful shine. OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner helps prevent split ends and fly away hair for sleek, strong hair. Included in this bottle is 13 fl oz of OGX Conditioner.

OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner:

  • Made with rich, fortifying keratin proteins that reinforce each strand, increasing elasticity to resist breakage caused by brushing and styling
  • Helps prevent split ends and fly-a-ways
  • Argan oil conditions and smoothes to help deliver a beautiful shine
  • Anti-breakage conditioner formula designed to nourish hair from within
  • Helps strengthen hair so it can grow longer
  • Contains 13 fl oz of OGX Conditioner