ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm (2 oz.)


Just like plants need nutrients to help them grow, your scalp needs nutrients to help your hair grow healthy and full of life.

Fertilizing Temple Balm is a lightweight gel formula rich in hair nutrients and free of petroleum that is a deal for customers with pressed or relaxed hair.

A feather light gel based balm rich in over 14 herbal extracts. It contains the same properties as the Fertilizing Serum, with a different viscosity (thickness). This product is gel based.


  • Fosters lipid (oil) production
  • Nourishes emerging hair shafts
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Soothes nerves close to scalp
  • Imparts nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes hair growth
  • May be used on relaxed hair, or thermally styled and pressed hair
  • Results, usually 6-12 weeks (results and percent of results do vary with the individual metabolic composition)