Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding 13 oz

Introducing two new maintenance items for Olive Oil Girls: olive Oil Girls Moisturizing Styling Lotion and the Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding.

Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding is a light weight formula that adds shine and moisture to hair without a sticky build-up.

The Olive Oil Girls Built-In Protection Plus line is designed to deliver protection with the help of natural ingredients and hair care education so Moms can feel assured thier hair care decisions, and young girls can begin their hair journey with positive, healthy hair experiences.

What Makes Us Different?

-Added Protection with Buily-In Protection Plus, a step-by-step system that provides protection from damage before, during and after relacer process.

-Generously packed with a total of 12 component for Mom's convenience and for protection and conditioning of her Girl's hair.

-Natural ingredients that work to protect, deliver moisture, and condition the hair are in each step of the relazer process, providing what Moms desire and Girls deserve.

-Commitment to educating Moms and Girls on healthy hair care.