Palmer's Skin Success EvenTone Toner Exfoliating with Beta Hydroxy and Tea Tree Oil


 Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Exfoliating Toner 8.5 oz

Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Exfoliating Toner with Beta Hydroxy and Tea Tree Oil leaves skin completely clean and fresh. Beta hydroxy formula gently exfoliates removing dead skin cells that can give your complexion a dull appearance. Tea Tree Oil acts as a natural antiseptic removing all traces of makeup and pollution without stripping skin's protective barrier.

In 1840 Palmer’s began marketing its first skincare product, Palmer’s Skin Success Ointment. This was a topical analgesic, combining benzocaine, menthol and camphor to relieve the pain and itching associated with minor burns, scrapes, and other skin irritations. It was quite a cutting edge product for its time. Over the last 160+ years, Palmer’s has continued to expand the Skin Success trademark using high quality, innovative formulations to treat a wide variety of skin problems. Most notably, Palmer’s Skin Success has become the expert in delivering a very desirable skin benefit – even skin tone. The lead product in the range is Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream, one of the best selling fade creams worldwide. Formulated to treat unwanted skin discoloration that can be caused by heredity, aging, sun exposure, pregnancy, acne, minor skin injuries, and hormonal imbalances, this highly effective product fades dark spots and evens skin tone. Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream incorporates Vitamins C and E, Alpha Hydroxy, and sunscreen and is available in three skin-type variants: Regular, For Oily Skin, and For Dry Skin. The active ingredients are also available in an easily absorbed serum form – Skin Success Eventone Fade Serum. Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Fade Milk is a lightweight lotion that has recently been introduced to treat unwanted skin discoloration all over the body.

If a smooth, balanced complexion is the goal, then proper cleansing is the all-important first step. Palmer’s sells several products created to work synergistically with our Fade Creams. Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Complexion Soap is an excellent facial bar that cleans deep without over drying. Follow this superior cleanser with Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Toner to eliminate all impurities and restore pH balance. Now the skin is truly ready to absorb the active ingredients in the fade cream. Adopting this three-step regimen will ensure optimum results.

New to the Palmer’s line are products that have been created to reveal brighter skin. Skin Success Eventone Daily Skin Brightener is a facial moisturizer that instantly brightens the complexion and is formulated with botanical agents that will gently reduce skin discolorations. It also contains high-level sunscreen – SPF 15 for maximum protection from further darkening. Skin Success Eventone Brightening Facial Mask is a breakthrough product that offers a skin-brightening boost. This at home spa experience can be incorporated into any skincare regimen, used weekly or more frequently for a smooth, fair complexion. Skin Success Eventone Brightening Facial Wipes are convenient, pre-moistened wipes that brighten and refresh dull, tired skin. The combination of glycolic acid and licorice extract help to exfoliate the skin while reducing blotchiness. Skin Success Eventone for Dark Circles Under Eyes is a lightweight moisturizing eye cream that visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Eye area looks brighter, fresher, and younger-looking. Palmer’s Skin Success also offers several products for acne treatment. Skin Success Invisible Acne Medication has 10% Benzoyl Peroxcide to clear up existing acne and prevent new pimples. Skin Success Acne Medication Cleanser is a clear fluid that contains Salicylic Acid to unclog pores and leave skin fresh and smooth. Skin Success Deep Cleansing Astringent is ideal to keep oily complexions clean and helps prevent the buildup of excess sebum.