Profectiv Growth Masque Inner-hair Strengthening Deep Conditioner


Restores, Repairs, Rebuilds.

Profectiv's Growth Masque with Strength Beads infuses damaged, brittle hair with a deep penetrating blend of natural minerals, oils and proteins that strengthen & rebuild hair from the inside out. Activated by body heat or a dryer, Growth Masque deeply penetrates areas that ordinary hair conditioners can't reach.
Growth Masque helps prevent the spread of breakage & split-ends while fortifying hair against damage. After each treatment, feel the dramatic improvement in hair strength, softness & shine. Excellent for deep repair of damage caused from chemical over-processing, curling iron & blow dryer heat, over-styling stress, dryness & tangles from braids and extensions.
Directions: Apply to damp hair after shampooing (Profectiv's Clean N' Healthy Cleanser is recommended) Smooth Masque from roots to ends to evenly distribute Strength Beads. Leave-on for 10 minutes. For deep penetrating heat activation, wear a plastic cap or sit under a dryer. Rinse out and style as desired.