Profectiv Healthy Ends Anti-split End & Deep Repair

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Profectiv HealthyEnds Daily Anti-Split End & Deep Repair
Stops Split Ends & Heat Damage

Stronger Longer Healthier Hair

4.25 OZ (120 G)

HealthyEnds stops split-ends, before damage starts. Penetrating & re-moisturizing deep inside the hair. HealthyEnds infuses strength to damaged ends, mending & bridging cracks that lead to split-ends. HealthyEnds exclusive ProStrength formula stops split-ends caused by hot curlers, blow-dryers, chemical treatments, braids & extensions.

Excellent for Heat Styling:
  • Apply a small amount to ends before hot curling, blow-drying & roller setting.
  • For best results, combine HealthyEnds with RootHealth or BreakFree.

    All Natural Daily Hair Care Directions:
  • Apply daily to ends before brushing, combing and styling.
  • Re-apply generously & frequently to split-ends. For deeper penetration, apply overnight.

    Pre & Post Strengthening: Stop Split-Ends:
  • Apply to ends daily for 3 days before & 3 days after relaxing or hair coloring. Always wait 24 hours before applying hair color.
  • Apply to ends for 14 days after taking down braids & extensions.