Sister Tress Super Bulk Human Hair (Wet N' Wavy)


Sister Tress Super Bulk 100% Human Braiding Hair Wet N' Wavy

STH Guarantee: Shed-Free, Tangle-Free, and Healthy.
Even after multiple washes.

The last hair you will ever try.

Craftsmanship - 100% HUMAN HAIR

Only young healthy human hair is selected and aligned uni directionally. Unidirectional Aligment allows for elimination of all harsh chemical treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage; hair remains thicker, stronger and healthier. Then each strand of SISTER TRESS is handpicked to ensure that the cuticles are aligned in one direction. Each strand if hair is handled with the utmost care to maintain the youth and livelihood of the hair. It is the smoothest, bounciest, and most lustrous hair in the market.

Whereas SISTER TRESS has all hairs of the same length so that it is full to the end, SISTER TRESS has combination of different lengths of hairs so that it gives a layered look. And since it is not full to the end, it is also more affordable.

Cuticle Alignment

Cuticle alignment eliminates all harsh chemical treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage. By eliminating harsh chemical treatments the hair remains thicker, stronger and healthier. This is how we make SISTER TRESS so smooth, bouncy, maintenance-free, tangle-free, naturally lustrous, long lasting and easy to curl.


The specific weave or braid procedure work determine actual hair maintenance requirements.

Ask you hair stylist for specific washing and maintenance instructions.

  1. Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing

  2. Carefully wash with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.

  3. Do not rub or twist the hair/ Follow with conditioner.

  4. Gently Squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel.

  5. Do not roll or rub the hair dry into the towel.

  6. Dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist.