Softsheen Carson Wave Nouveau Coiffure Ph1 Shape Release For Coarse Hair


Softsheen.Carson Professional Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase1 Shape Release For Coarse/Resistant Hair 14.1oz


  • Shape Release
  • - Conditioning Cold Wave
  • - For Coarse/Resistant Hair
  • - Instruction
  • Perform a preliminary strand test. If hair breaks or discolors, do not straighten
  • Shampoo hair if necessary with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Rinse and towel dry to remove excess moisture
  • Apply Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase 1 Shape Release to entire hair shaft' inch from scalp within 5-10 minutes. Apply Only to New Growth if giving a retouch. Immediately after completing application, check for desired amount of straightness
  • Wave Nouveau Coiffure Fine/Color-Treated strength Shape Release is designed for fine/color-treated hair old. Do not leave on the hair longer than 15 minutes (this includes application time). Be sure to continue to check for straightness every 2-3 minutes after application has been completed. DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER
  • When hair has achieved desired straightness, rinse Shape Release thoroughly from hair with tepid water, making certain to remove all traces
  • Apply Wave Nouveau Coiffure Phase 2 Shape Transformer and follow instructions carefully