Sulfur 8 Under Wig Oil Moisturizing Cream


Sulfur8 medicated under wig oil moisturizing cream 
Anti-dandruff plus vital hair & scalp complex 
Rainforest ingredients 

Oil Moisturizing cream with vital hair & scalp complex and cupaucu butter to moisturize dry scalp & hair. Relieve scalp itching and soothes irritated scalp all while wearing your wig.

Use before during & after wig use. First shampoo with sulfur8 under wig shampoo, then add sulfur8 under wig serum air dye your hair before applying. Wear your wig knowing that you are conditioning and strengthening your hair, soothing the scalp and treating dry itchy scalp caused by dandruff. 

Active ingredient: pyrithione zinc 

Use: controls scalp itching and flaking due to dandruff

Warnings: For external use only