Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier


For comb out and detangling- After shampoo and conditioning, towel dry the hair and section off using your fingers. Separate the hair into about 8 sections. Plait or twist each section. Once complete, start in the nape area and undo one section and spray the Protective Mist Bodifier onto the hair. Distribute evenly and work into the area. You should be able to run your fingers through that section after you apply the Bodifier. You will feel the product coating the hair.
At this point you can comb out the section. Once you have finished one section move on to another until you have completed the entire head. Use more product and work through longer for severely tangled hair.

Daily conditioning-Spray the Protective Mist Bodifier on the hair and scalp
of braids, locks, twists and natural hair styles. Use at least 3 times a week.

To remove braids-It will be easier to remove the braids if you have used the
Protective Mist Bodifier as a daily conditioning spray during the time you
wore your braided style. Even without this protective care, you can still use
the Bodifier as a braid remover. Just follow these simple directions.