Zury Tika Super Weaving

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ZURY TIKA SUPER WEAVING  is made of fiber exclusively developed to resemble the touch and feel of Human Hair. Enjoy the smoothness and bounciness of this fine product.

Caring Instructions:

  1. Always comb bottom of hair first and work your way up to the root.
  2. Do not use hot curler at regular setting.  This fiber can only be curled at temperatures of 80° C-100°C (175°F-210°F)
  3. When removing, always consult your professional beautician.
Washing Instructions:
  1. Add a little amount of shampoo in cold water
  2. Gently shake the bun in the water
  3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water
  4. Shake out excessive water
  5. Hang until completely dry